We Review: Black (블랙)

With all the books, movies, anime etc that we have consumed there is nothing more cliche’ than the typical boy meets girl story. It’s not that those stories are bad or do not have a place in the world it’s just that it would be nice to sometimes be caught off guard by characters and unique stories.

Thankfully, 블랙 (Black) hits just the rights spots for those who are just starting their way into the wonderful (yes dramatic too!) world of Korean dramas. Let’s see if we can get you in on this too…

The main plot revolves around a girl named Kang Ha-ram AKA “Sunglasses” who has the ability to foresee if people are about to die. To her, a black cloud surrounds the person about to die and if she touches said cloud she can actually see the particulars of the death. To avoid the whole seeing death thing, she chooses to wear sunglasses.. yes, even at night…

Enter Han Moo-gang. Former accountant-turned-Detective not-so-extraordinaire. Goofball. Clumsy. He encounters Sunglasses by chance and in his own boy scout manner convinces her to lift the veil so to speak and actually use her powers to help others by saving their lives– Picture final destination or butterfly effect.

Without spoilers, here is where it gets complicated (and what makes the series worth watching till stupid-o-clock with your significant others after the kids are tucked in). The black clouds Ha-ram sees are actually Grim Reapers. By “saving” those who are supposed to die and have their souls collected, something is bound to happen. A well known grim reaper takes notice of her “power” and decides to then use her to track down a rogue reaper who went AWOL from his reaping duties.

Now, add this to unraveling the details of a serial murder case that happened 20 years prior, a series of cover ups, more murders, blackmail, a love triangle and a long list of characters who all seem to have relevant back stories that culminate to… ok.. not gonna spoil it for you…

블랙 (Black) is a great show to introduce this genre. It has just the perfect mix of over-the-top dramatics, cool fight scenes, mushy romance bits and dun-dun-duuuuuuunnn twists that aren’t too predictable but just enough to keep you glued to the screen.

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