Gaming for Your Health!

Dear fellow geeks,

It goes without saying that a lot of things will be different for us all for the foreseable future.  This is serious. People are dying. There are no excuses to NOT contribute to the flattening of the curve by doing what we (online) gamers do best– staying at home, sitting on our butts and playing some games.


In 2018, the WHO declared that there is such a thing as “gaming disorder“.  This caused an uproar- ok, not really, because those who are “affected” by this are too busy trying to beat that next dungeon, acquire that latest shiny or gank some new megaboss. The study had this except:

Should all people who engage in gaming be concerned about developing gaming disorder?

Studies suggest that gaming disorder affects only a small proportion of people who engage in digital- or video-gaming activities. However, people who partake in gaming should be alert to the amount of time they spend on gaming activities, particularly when it is to the exclusion of other daily activities, as well as to any changes in their physical or psychological health and social functioning that could be attributed to their pattern of gaming behaviour.

Fast forward to the the new normal, and how we are now told to #playaparttogether:

Wherever you are, whatever game you play, you can make a difference.

For those of us who have always been playing online, or are used to digital vs physical copies of games / movies / music (who the heck buys CDs anymore?), this is nothing new. WE are used to staying indoors, used to playing to pass the time and accustomed to connecting with other people from all over the world.

What is new is the perception that gaming is no longer the terrible thing that only socially inept people engage in. When faced with the necessity of staying indoors, other people realize the benefits of gaming- the same benefits that we as gamers have always known.

Gaming can connect and unite people from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Gaming can help you connect/reconnect with your family.
Gaming with others can be fun, competitive and challenging.
Gaming can help with stress, coping with the difficulties of your new routines.
Gaming can help with your sanity.

However, for those new to this, remember to keep things balanced as well. Get up, stretch, maybe do an in-quarantine workout.  You do not even need to go out to get in some exercise time. It doesn’t even have to be a spartan level bro-force muscle-fest.

The important thing is to stay safe and sane. Follow the guidelines being laid out by the actual health professionals and always err on the side of caution (don’t believe how some politicians and “influencers” are downplaying this thing!).

Most importantly, keep on gaming indoors! Your lives and the lives of people around you depend on it =)


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