We Review: The Expanse

Space, the all too popular destination of the moment. The Expanse is into its second season on Netflix. After watching the first two episodes I got distracted. I didn’t not like the first few episodes, in fact I rather enjoyed them. However, here I sit on a lazy Saturday morning, binge watching Season 1. The […]

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Gamescom – In a nutshell

Another big gaming event down for the year of 2017. Gamescom is one that both Mike and I have attended. Held in the lovely city of Cologne, Gamescom runs from Wednesday to Sunday, with Wednesday being the day of announcements and media. So we have broken down some of the bigger announcements that caught our […]

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E3 Schedule

To experience all of E3, head over to E3 Live Gamespot are also covering it in full at Gamespot E3 And of course, over at IGN E3 2017 Press Conference Dates And Times: Saturday, June 10 Electronic Arts — 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM GMT Sunday, June 11 Microsoft — […]

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We Review: Anime – WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

First off, what the hell were they thinking with this name! Typical high fantasy show! So yes, this show falls into the genre of high fantasy. The introduction to the show is fast paced and confusing, but only because you don’t know who is who and why they are fighting. It is clear that there […]

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Noteworthy in June

June seems to come around quickly, by the time we hit April, June just rushes through the other months. This June seems to be one that has a lot to look forward to on the entertainment side of things. Wonder Woman Lassos her way onto the screen early in the month on June 2nd. Not […]

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