Top 5 Real Robot Mecha Anime

Hi there! Happy Friday! As we continue our anime series of posts, this week we will focus on the 2nd sub-category of Mecha anime- Real Robots (リアルロボット ). Like last week, instead of defining it outright, I’d rather list my Top 5 examples to illustrate what separates this from other kinds of anime (as well […]

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Review: Resident Evil 7

Originally known as Biohazard (バイオハザード ) , the mother of the modern day survival horror game genre first hit our screens in 1996 as it catapulted the original Playstation to a must-have status. I was in university when I was first had to run the heck away from zombie dogs, conserve magnum ammo, learn how […]

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Review: Firewatch

1989, when walkmans were the main source of music on the go and a boombox for the more party driven folks. Cell phones are a concept that most people don’t even know about yet, so it is easy to escape the world and just live a life with minimal contact.

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Top 5 Super Robot Mecha Anime

As a child of the 80’s, it is almost part of my DNA to want to pilot a spaceship or giant robot and save (or maybe destroy! bwa hahahah) the universe.  I grew up watching what is classified as Mecha anime- and to more hardcore fans the sub-categories Super Robot and Real Robot. The best […]

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Short Q & A

Here is a quick video where we tackle three quick questions. What was the first game you remember playing? What was the most influential game for you? What game are you looking forward to most in 2017?   The idea behind this was to give you a brief insight into where we come from, as […]

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