Santa Clarita Diet

It is said that, Drew Barrymore will only pick a role where the character really jumps off of the page. This show doesn’t fail in that aspect, in any way. The first thing to really mention about this show is that the characters are absolutely wonderful. With a cast of: Drew BarrymoreTimothy OlyphantSkyler Gisondo; and Liv Hewson;  the show hits the ground running. The pilot is a well written piece and offers an exciting view of things to come.

santa-castThe setting is plain and simple, Santa Clarita, LA. A family of three: wife, husband and daughter. From the very start we get the impression that Drew Barrymore’s character is tired of her safe and uneventful suburban lifestyle and longs to live more boldly. The husband, Timothy Olyphant, seems to be a bit bored with life, as he sits in his car smoking weed before entering a house which he and Drew are trying to sell. The daughter has a strong relationship with the parents. The character is a break away from the usual teenager portrayed on TV these days. She isn’t a book worm, she isn’t the super popular girl, she isn’t rebelling against her parents, she actually gets on well with the parents and seems very grounded in herself.

The show’s creator Victor Fresco, also brought us Better Off Ted and Sean Saves the World. A couple of episodes directed by Ruben Fleischer, who is of Zombieland fame. This will not be a show to miss. Trust me, take a chance on this Netflix original, the episodes are only 30 minutes running time.

The whole show is a breath of fresh air. Expect a lot of swearing and a bit of gore on the side. It is easy to follow, light hearted, colorful and leaves you wanting to come back for more!

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