It is Presidents’ Day – What do you watch!?

No matter what is happening with politics today, sometimes it is good to lose yourself in what could possibly be a better reality in the White House!


The West Wing –


There is little to be said about The West Wing, but only because it has been said before. Aaron Sorkin has an ability to romanticise the shows he writes. The West Wing will not leave you feeling glum, it won’t make you think “Can I have those 42 minutes back”, it will make you want to watch another episode! Well for the first 4 seasons anyway!

The Butler

A rare look, not at the president but at the butler that served the President (Or Presidents in this case). The movie is loosely based on the life of Eugene Allen, who worked and served in the White House for 34 years and 8 Presidents.

Fake News, I mean – Newsroom

I know this technically isn’t a Presidential show, but it is so easy to loop back to reality right now! Another Aaron Sorkin show, this takes a look at what the News is meant to give to you, the tax payer! And never has it been more pertinent than it is right at this moment in our lives! A great mix of drama and beautiful writing. This has always been a must watch for anyone looking to watch something that might make you think for an episode. Also, Jeff Daniels just knocks it out of the park!

London Has Fallen

How about a bit of action! Want to just sit down and lose a few hours. Some good cinematography and some cheesy lines, including the first line in this trailer! This movie isn’t going to push you and you are not going to be thinking “Hey this is the world we should be aspiring to!”, but it will distract you and we all need that in our lives sometimes!

Air Force One

At a time when you need a president who can be presidential, honorable and just plain ‘ol good then here is another one. Air Force One (the official plane of the US President) is hijacked by a group of.. wait for it.. Russian terrorists.  One thing they didn’t expect was that the president is a former Medal of Honor winner.  Cue Mission Impossible music. I really would not mind having President Han Solo or President Rick Deckard.

House Of Cards

This seemed a little far fetched but within grasp when it first aired in 2013. A hard hitting, manipulative, anti-heroic portrayal of what politics is like. With Kevin Spacey at the lead you get a fantastic performance of a brilliantly sinister politician who will stop at nothing to gain power. I’m not making links here with anyone in the real world… are doing that yourself! Although 4 seasons can be daunting, why not have a look at the first few episodes. That might be enough to whet your appetite!


Most importantly, have a wonderful day off, and enjoy the little things!

3 thoughts on “It is Presidents’ Day – What do you watch!?

  1. Haha “fake news”. Man I really should get into House of Cards too, all of my colleagues say it’s brilliant. Do you ever feature your writing with other sites?

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    1. We are still building a content base and are looking for ways to expand and grow our content. We want everyone who comes here to be able to find something that they like and we like, to give them feedback similar to how they would feel. We would love to get featured if given the opportunity!

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