Anime Review: Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, March comes in like a Lion and Granblue Fantasy.

Continuing our quest to introduce you to some quality anime, we take a quick look at 3 more titles. Although they aren’t completely new, we think that they are definitely worth a spot on your anime watch list.

Blue Exorcist


In a different version of Tokyo, where demons and humans live in constant war. Exorcists are our defence against the onslaught of terror. All this goes south when a demon steals an eye of the “Impure King”. Causing a miasma or a sickness when it is released, the overall plan is not clear. So a special task force is assembled.

The show follows Rei, a son of Satan and a human, how is hated by his class because of his birth where a lot were killed from a blue fire. His brother, who does not possess the blue fire, has dedicated his life to study and is one of the leading exorcist at the academy.

The characters seem well written in this with an impulsive hero who is trying to prove his worth, this anime should be a good weekly watch.

March Comes in like a lion.


From the very first scene there is a wonderfully artistic introduction to the show. A beautiful representation of what seems to be a dream as we are introduced to our first character. There seems to be a stark contrast in the show. Even from something a simple as our character travelling through the town, the music is relatively quiet and peaceful but the sounds of things around are loud and violent. There is the underlying tone of conflict and loneliness in this episode.

The show follows Rei, a professional Shigo player. Often times he seems lost in his own thoughts. He lives by himself, seems to struggle to make friends, especially in school where the only interaction he had in the first episode was with a teacher who sat with him for lunch.

The only people in Rei’s life seem to be three sisters who lost their mother and the eldest sister takes care of the younger who are still in school.

It will be interesting to see how the characters develop over the course of the season.

Granblue Fantasy


Based on a mobile game in Japan, this show has the acclaim of uniting Hideo Minaba and Nobuo Uematsu who worked on Final Fantasy VI and IX together. So expect a lot of good music from this show!

The opening scene has an escape attempt where a damsel in distress falls from a great airship. This brings us to our leading male protagonist who is a young man, Gran, who has all your normal characteristics of  the “hero”. Resilient and willing to help out others. As we move through the episode, the adventure begins, As the trio of, Gran, the captain and the damsel move to escape the evil empire. A hard run through the forest, with a tough battle with a few soldiers, finally ends in disaster with Gran being sliced open and killed.

This looks like a classic fantasy based Anime. How the characters are developed will be a big part of how well this season progresses. I will be following this one as the story continues so I will keep you posted about how well it maintains after the first episode.

If you have any anime you would like to recommend we would love to hear from you. Drop us a comment and we’ll gladly watch and review!

Thanks for reading!



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