Lilith Unboxes: Switch PlayStand and JoyCons

Part of what makes the Nintendo Switch awesome is that it is basically a console that you can bring anywhere and actually do some multiplayer gaming. Sadly, the built in kickstand is crap- just ask Lilith! Also, in order for you to get your game on with 3 other buddies, you will need an extra pair of JoyCons.

horiThe Hori PlayStand (retails for US$15-20) is compact, stable and collapsible. It even has a nook at the bottom to allow you to plug in a charger via the USB port without toppling over the system.


The Switch JoyCons may be purchased as a set of 2 and are also available individualy. The come in either blue, red, or grey and they have plans of releasing other colors eventually.

If unboxings are your thing, please check out our resident unboxer Lilith as she takes a quick look at the Hori PlayStand and the grey JoyCons for the Nintendo Switch.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to comment bellow!

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