Now Playing: April 2017

Here is a quick run down of the games we were/are playing this month.
After finally finished Zelda Breath of the Wild with all memories discovered and getting the proper ending, I plan to finish up some games in the backlog (FFXV and Horizon Zero Dawn). Summer is going to be a big for new releases so I need to finish these before I take on new titles.

On the mobile front, I’m playing Transformers Forged to Fight which is similar to the Marvel fighting game from a few years back. It does a great job at bringing robots from the entire Transformers universe into a single platform the combat/controls are responsive – although the added graphics requirements make the game an energon hog.

I also have Fire Emblem (which at some point I was running across 3 devices in attempts to farm out a solid 5 Star team. It’s a turn based strategy game with characters leveling up and getting abilities. like the Transformers, Fire Emblem also bring together characters from its entire game universe and the character roster keeps growing every week.

The latest addition is Kami 2. My sis-in-law Beth introduced me to the game and I’ve been hooked. It’s a simple paper folding like color change game but as you get to the higher levels the puzzles require more moves to complete and more brain cells to process.

On the PC front, i am still playing Overwatch which even as an event going. Still haven’t made it to 100 yet but since I only do 1-2 maps a most during a session my progress is ok.

Diablo 3 is also back in my rotation and I’m psyched about the addition of the necromancer from D2.




Well I’ve actually been away from games for the last 2 weeks as I have been on vacation. Before I left, I was in the midst of really getting back into Final Fantasy XIV. So a lot of my time was going into that. Well whatever small amount I have to spare.


On mobile, I have been playing a few games. Sports, by Ketchapp, is a light and easy game to play. Simply hit the screen at the right time to try and get the quickest time or furthest distance in whatever olympic sport you are playing at that moment.

I have also been playing Ballz, also by Ketchapp, which is another simple point and release game. However with this, it can take up a lot more time so expect long session. Good for air travel and what not! The last one I have been trying is DeerHunter 2017. A decent enough game to jump into every now and then. Simple move your crosshairs over the desired impact area, heart/lungs/brain, and shoot. Fairly straight forward.

On the PS4, I am still plugging away at Horizon: Zero Dawn. It is still a fabulous game to play and look at. A wonderful job by Guerilla games. I also have to finish FFXV at some point. Might have to wait till summer now.


I will still try to play some Overwatch and also RE7. But my main focus is going to be XIV as I play catch up on all of the things I’ve been missing. Looking forward to Stormblood in June.



That is what we have been playing, what have you been playing? Want to join us on a Live Stream? Let us know in the comments?

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