May the 4th Be With You

Quite a lot has happened in that galaxy far far away since last Star Wars Day!

Rogue One came out in theaters and with it, we caught a glimpse into the lives of the people that empowered the rebels with the plans to destroy the first Death Star.

Gamers got to even provide much needed support for the good guys in VR with a free add on to Battlefront.

This year we eagerly await the release of the next installment of the 3rd Trilogy.

And sadly we had to bid farewell to our beloved Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher.

This year also marks the 40th year of the franchise and with to commemorate the event new figures that are super upgraded versions of the original Kenner toys are released- and they are awesome!

And of course, Lego releases a new Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series ship- my favorite ship the Snow Speeder.

This year, I plan to re-watch the movies, crack open a lego set (maybe enlist the help of my eldest child in sorting/building) and remember just how my journey as a fan continues- even amidst my almost midlife cynicism.  My kids have really taken to the franchise as well- (I know, one might say they were programmed to! hahah). The kids still get dressed up for Star Wars pictures. And now the youngest is close to actually suiting up!


Star Wars for me has always been more that the space opera that it is. It is about selflessness, a call to do good in the face of the the greatest adversity, and above all it is about HOPE.  I think that beyond the cool characters, the epic space battles and lightsaber fights in that galaxy far far away there is something we all can relate to, can aspire to be, and this is what draws us again and again to the Star Wars Universe.

May the 4th Be With You!



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