Gamescom – In a nutshell

Another big gaming event down for the year of 2017. Gamescom is one that both Mike and I have attended. Held in the lovely city of Cologne, Gamescom runs from Wednesday to Sunday, with Wednesday being the day of announcements and media. So we have broken down some of the bigger announcements that caught our eye this week.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC. We always knew it would come at some point, but now we have an official announcement. We don’t have a specific date yet but we do know it is coming 2018. It looks to have another step up on the graphical side of things and with all the updates to the PS4 version it might be an awesome start for anyone who hasn’t taken the plunge into the story, this could be the one to make that dive.

Don’t have time to play through all that content? Well Square Enix has your back, coming to mobile in episodic format is the chapters of FFXV retelling the story in bite size, adorable fashion. Arriving later this year, the first chapter is going to be free, but it will be charged for each episode then. Also announced was FFXV for the Switch! Will it be the same pocket edition?


THQ Nordic – Yes they are still a thing!

From the ex-Just Cause devs, comes this new IP that seems to be tapping into the wild mech open world Genre. BioMutant seems to be an intersting announcement and something that is definitely work keeping an eye on!

Microsoft – XBox One X

Finally opening up the pre-orders for the muchly anticipated XBox half step. Bringing an improvement to the console race, it looks like Microsoft will have the first full proper 4K console on the market. Only now catching up to PC gaming of the last few years, the Consoles have already fallen very quickly behind. Coming in at $499, it could be a nice upgrade for anyone in the market for one.


Blizzard – Time to Over watch a new background story (That one was bad!)

Blizzard have released a new background story for a new Character from Overwatch. This time focusing on Mei, the frozen bitch, it is always nice to get these well developed characters more rounded! Enjoy!


Bandai – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Probably the most anticipated fighter in a long time- Dragon Ball FighterZ promises to deliver “just-like-the-anime” visuals and combos to consoles. Early playtests have shown much promise and the footage from Gamescom guarantees that it will be a big hit.


EA- Battlefront II

After a successful release, Battlefront II makes everything FASTER, BIGGER, and man.. oh so puuuuurty! There are a ton a new vehicles which are now customizable and new levels from almost all of the Star Wars timelines.

That is all the main stories that caught our eye this year. Let us know what you think of our selection or if you think we should add something to the list!

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