Noteworthy – November

Although it looks like not as busy a month for releases in games as last month, November feels like a really big hitter month with some blockbusters, great Netflix possibilities, along with some really solid game releases. As per usual, here is a look at the releases that really caught our eye.

Justice League

To say that this was a easy shoot and drama-less post production, would be an absolute lie. From the stepping down of Zach Synder, to the new helmer, Joss Whedon- countless reshoots and just a lot of negativity in general, this is hitting our screens on November 17th for better or worse. I still hold out hope for a good movie, as I am a fan of Batman Vs Superman. It seems DC is waiting to see reactions to the movie before moving ahead with the Flash movie which it seems could be a way to reset the universe through Flashpoint. But more on that in a future post.



Following some mixed reviews of The Defenders, Marvels new Netflix adventure The Punisher is back with his own series. Frank Castle was introduced in Season 2 of Daredevil, and was a big hit. Interestingly, Netflix has decided to release the Season on November 17th….what a puzzler!! Anyway, it looks to be a great new show and should be a good watch on the darker nights!



What seems to be a much more comical, colourful and playful entry into Thor stories, this movie seems to be going doing the more, Guardians of the Galaxy theme. Bringing Hulk to space and teaming him up with Thor may seem like an odd choice but it really works (not to mention it sets the stage for the Planet Hulk story line which we expect to see in the cinematic universe) !  Expect a lot of Thor not taking himself seriously and some great banter with all the characters. Also, Cate Blanchett plays a stellar performance.


This will be Disney-Pixar’s second film of the year. This is only the second time that Pixar are releasing a two films in the same calendar year. With Cars 3 being released in June of this year, Coco follows the story of a young boy, Miguel, along with his dog, travel to the land of the dead on the Dia de Muertos or day of the dead. Knowing Pixar, this is sure to be a great watch with some great visuals.


Murder on the Orient Express

Based on the Agatha Christie book from 1934 of the same name. Murder on the Orient Express is directed by Kenneth Branagh,  but of course, never one to turn down a challenge, he is playing everyone’s favorite “Belgie” Detective Poirot. With an absolutely A-List cast, this n-th iteration of the classic page turner is bound to bring in crowds.


Call of Duty

Incredibly, this is the 14th Call of Duty game, and extraordinarily they have decided to go back to a historical period……What could possibly have lent to that decision!  We will never know! Anyway, back to World War 2, this game is sure to have some good play with a solid multiplayer, until every kid under the sun is shouting down a microphone at you.


Battlefront 2

Learning from the recent…..complaints, from the last Battlefront game, not only will this game have a single player but it will also reshuffle the multiplayer around to be a little more engaging. Again, this is to be released on November 17th (busy week). For anyone not jumping into Call of Duty, this should probably be on your list of things to buy! Or maybe even a good gift as we start coming up to the Christmas.


Switch releases

3 big games from recent years are being released on the Switch this November. The biggest release probably being Rocket League, but not to disregard both Skyrim and Doom all the same. This will be something to keep your interest piqued on the console that works well on the go!

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