We Review: Death March to a Parallel World Rhapsody

The intro to this show was very interesting. Following a Programmer, Ichiro Suzuki, as he starts a “Death March” (In programming terms, it is long hours put into coding before the release of something). However, after falling asleep in the office, he dreams of a different world. As a low level character, he is almost immediately bombarded with arrows from level 40-60 monsters. Panicked, he uses the only spell he has, “Meteor Shower”. No effect. He uses it again, no effect. One last time and they start falling, killing everything in the valley. His level jumps from level 1 to 310. But, Ichiro has no time to get his wits about him, as before him rises a wounded level 60 monster. He picks up a sword and obliterates him. A mad quick dash from the valley ensues as his other two “Meteor Shower” spells come hailing down. And so our “Hero” is welcomed to a land the he quickly realises is not a dream, but his new home.


I very much enjoyed the first episode. A very good set up with some interesting characters. That pattern continues for the next few episodes but one pattern becomes the main point of this show. The main character, known as Satou in the new land, is collecting a group of females around him. It is a plot line I’m not overly fond of, and one that comes up too often in Anime (I know, different culture) but the story is still interesting enough through the first 5 episodes. It has hints of Sword Art Online or Log Horizon about it, but one underlying flaw. The main character is WAY too strong at the moment.


I’m sure this will balance out and have some sort of danger in the future but at the moment he can destroy anything that comes in front of him. He doesn’t want to show this so is doing a Clark Kent and changing quickly so he is not recognized. But how long can that last.

For the moment, it is a good watch and could keep up the momentum as long as the story stays interesting. Time will tell!

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