We Review: Record of Grancrest War

We have quite a backlog of Anime write ups to happen over the next few weeks! Turns out, if you leave things long enough, they don’t go away!! If there is anything you want us to cover in particular, please let us know in the comments!!

Any, Grancrest is an interesting type show. Set very much in a Fantasy world, it follows two main characters. A female mage, Siluca, as she travels to her new employment, crosses paths with a lowly Knight, Theo. As Theo fights brigands, Siluca can’t help but become entranced with Theo’s good will. So the two form an alliance and quickly start changing the shape of the land. A land where Lords and Crests mean everything. Each lord vying for more and more power, creating an endless cycle of war.


Theo wants simply to return to his home nation and rule over his people with the best intentions for his people. A trait that Siluca finds most interesting. Her ambition is a bit more. She wants the whole land free of war. So begins a journey of war to find peace. A typical enough human response to any problem it seems.

As happens with a few Animes’ of late, it seems this one started off well but seems to be losing its steam after a few episodes. With 5 episodes out so far (I’m only on episode 4), it is still worth watching but who knows if it will be able to keep the pace. The characters are interesting with Siluca being the real driving force early on. Theo a little more subdued and reclusive, needs a bit more building up in character to really hook this show. Certainly he has picked up in episode 3, but I can see where this show might fail. Hopefully they avoid some obvious pitfalls.


The animation style in this isn’t going to blow you away. There are some good shots but it doesn’t stand out against any other anime, in fact can often look a little poorer than average sometimes. But it never really takes away from the story telling. And so far that is what this has been about. Don’t worry though, the battle scenes seem to be their pride and joy and look the best out of all the scenes so far!

At this moment it stands on a precipice between too political and not enough character building. It seems to be a narrow trail it is following where it could lose you at any moment. But the introduction is certainly worth the while so far.

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