We Review: GeGeGe no Kitaro

Within the first 30 seconds, I had already clicked pause to give my first impression of this Anime. And here it is, WTF. As first shots go of any show, someone introducing themselves in a flat monotone voice then an eyeball coming out of their hair, well let’s just say that it sure seems unique!

A series that is based on a Manga released in the 1960’s, but with a modern take on it, sees a ghostly world linked but not visible to us humans. The Yokai wander around there. You don’t not need to have seen any of the previous shows or movies to know what is going on. Everything is introduced as if you know nothing, which is good for me.

As characters go, Mana, the main human character so far, is fantastic. She stands up for her smaller, younger friend and is obviously well admired by others as the boys seem to want to hang out with her. When she is introduced to Kitaro and Daddy Eyeball, yes Daddy Eyeball, she continues to put herself on the line and although cautious in dangerous situations, still wants to be there!


As a whole, the show from the start really surprised me in how entertaining and engrossing it was. As first episodes go this is well worth the watch. It never tries to be serious, and makes light of most situations. This is something that I will be watching on a weekly basis for now!

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