2016: We Are Ready.

In the eyes of geeks like us, the new year is more than just the endless stream of well wishes that you see on your social media feed.  It marks a milestone date for things we were looking forward to— where we gladly, can no longer say “it’s coming next year” because that movie, TV series, gadget etc. now comes all the more closer to becoming a reality.

Lets take a quick look at what The Nomad Gamers are looking forward to THIS year.


Which movies?

Evans:  a tie between Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War. Both just look badass

Mike: Rogue Squadron – because let’s face it, Star Wars is a no brainer for me. The new batch of Marvel and DC movies come in second.

Shane: It seems there is a lot coming out, BvS, Cap America, Rogue One…..how to chose! I can’t really…….Bring on 2016

What about games?

Evans: Final Fantasy XV – I’ve been waiting for this game for a really long time. I’m expecting it to be really good graphically and story wise

Shane: Final Fantasy XV is a big one but not my main one surprisingly! On my main list is The Division. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into running around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Mike: Both FFXV and The Division are going to be top notch I hope, but I am really stoked to get my grubby hands on some upcoming VR games. Honorable mentions:  SFV! and Tekken!


Any TV show/s?

Mike: Game of Thrones, Daredevil and Vikings (go go Ragnar Lothbrok!)

Evans: Better Call Saul, season 1 was terrific and I’m expecting season 2 to be just as good or better

Shane: DareDevil Season 2. I loved DD Season 1 but found Jessica Jones a bit slow. Bring on season 2!

What about gadgets?



Shane: 1. PSVR 2. Oculus Rift. The Hype train is real! All on board. To be able to come home and relax by turning on either of these and immersing myself in stories is such an exciting thought. Roll on heart attacks!

Evans: Anyone of the VR gear. This is something every gamer dreams of.

2016 is a really exciting time for all forms of entertainment and  we hope that all the hype is well deserved.

What are you looking forward to? Let us know!

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