In New Mutants #98, Artist/writer Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza introduced us to the ultimate anti-hero in the marvel universe- Deadpool.


What made Deadpool different from every other character out there was the fact that from the get go, he made a habit of breaking down the forth wall- HOWEVER unlike other characters who have done so (Bat Mite, She Hulk and John Constantine to name a few) Deadpool actually retains full knowledge of the universe beyond the comic they are in.


Fast forward 25 years later and we have Deadpool the movie.


And in comes our review:

Mike: Unlike a lot of other super hero flicks released in the last few years, Deadpool has managed to stay true to the original comics. The almost indulgent self-awareness of the character of the movie goers universe made it an enjoyable watch from start to end. Comic book geeks will thoroughly nerdgasm through it and people who have never heard of Deadpool will watch and love it just as well.

The movie plot is simple, the action was over the top and the humor was everything I expected and then some! Ryan Reynolds played the perfect Deadpool (2nd time around is a charm! Remember that Wolverine movie?)

I was surprised at the sheer number of BAD (not good BAD- I mean terrible shitty parenting bad) parents who brought their 7 year olds to see the movie. There was enough nudity, violence and language that would completely spoil your chances of explaining the birds and the bees in a nice controlled environment.

And although I might not be the most reliable movie critic out there, you should take Betty’s word for it.


Evans:  The producers of Deadpool are ‘asshats’, the director is an ‘overpaid tool’, and no these are not my words but the words used by the the writers, ‘the real heroes’, in the opening credit of the movie. The opening credits were a great indicator to what was to be expected from this ‘superhero’ movie. I use the word superhero liberally here. Deadpool is anything but a Hero and he reminds us of that on a constant basis. Ryan Reynold makes up for his Warner Bros DC Green Lantern appearance by putting on a great performance as the cynical, humorous, foul mouthed, and deadly antihero.


I was skeptical at first about the movie, due to FOX’s track record with its last origin movies, such as Fantastic Four and  X-Men Origins: Wolverine (in which Ryan Reynold also plays a version of Deadpool); however Deadpool succeeded, and in my opinion, it surpassed all of its hype. The premise of the movie is not anything new, but it’s delivery is one that will inspire further R-rated superhero/antihero movies. Deadpool’s use of breaking the 4th wall is refreshing, but I hope it’s not something that every movie from now on will be using. Overall, this is a fantastic movie and a must watch.

On a side note, the rated-R rating is well deserved for this movie. Piggybacking on @thenomadmike post, I am not sure why there were so many children at the movie theaters.

The closing credits reminds all of us that just like the Nomad Gamers, Deadpool is a lover of unicorns… And apparently unicorns ejaculate rainbows from their horns.

Unicorn Deadpool


Shane: In a landscape where superheroes are plentiful, high budgeted and light in humour, comes a plentiful, low budget and extremely dark in humour. And the thing is, it absolutely, f**king nails it!

In Ryan Reynolds third attempt at a superhero character, he finally gets the character he has been looking for. In an interview, Reynolds has said “I never want to play another comic book character again; Deadpool, I would like to play for the rest of my life – that’d be fun.”

The movie achieves a very steady humourous tone and never lets it drops. Some extremely funny moments followed by some extremely bloody parts flying across the screen. For me, Reynolds carries the movie in some parts. The villain is a bit flat, the romantic part never quite captures my attention to the fullest and the X-Men part has it’s funny moments but also feels a little empty. (Not that Deadpool doesn’t make light of that!)

All in all, Deadpool was one of the better comic book movies I have laughed at. I will be buying it on Blu Ray on release and will eagerly await Deadpool 2 which is already in script writing phase.Deadpool



If you have not seen the movie yet, go out and watch it NOW!

If you have seen it, let us know what you think.

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