Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

We have just seen the last Batman vs Superman trailer to be released before the actual movie release! The build up so far has been like a roller coaster ride in every aspect. The first trailer hooked us in and then with the second people got a little worried. Now with the final trailer released people seem more on a high again. But is there trouble in the waters?

When it was first announced, that it would be a batman VS superman, the interwebz went up in flames! “Who was going to be the next Batman?” “What would the story line be!” “Are we going to have more batman Origins?”. The doubt already began to set in. How was Synder going to pull this off?

Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Logo Announce


Synder has always been an enigma when it comes to movies. His movies have received such mixed reviews. From 300 to Watchmen to Sucker Punch, the style of movie has never got a wide acclimation. Then Man Of Steel comes out with a good turn out in the box office, grossing close to 700 million worldwide. On a budget of around 250 million, it was a success for Warner Brothers. But still the reviews were not amazing, and as more time passes people start to pick the inevitable holes in it and it doesn’t quite feel like a proper Superman movie. So how is the “follow up” movie going to be successful?

Man of Steel

Now we have the Batman aspect to worry about. Had enough time passed since The Dark Knight Rises to be introduced to a new Batman? Then suddenly it is announced; Batfleck! So the direction seems to be an older Batman. Then we get the synopsis of movie and again the internet blew up! “Dark Knight Returns!” And the roller coaster begins!

Suicide Squad

Cut to February 2016, and we are in a very bizarre situation with Warner Brothers and The DC Movieverse. Reports are milling around the internet that WB are extremely worried about the whole series. The latest rumour I have heard is that WB are going to massively push Suicide Squad (which looks truly amazing by the way!), finish off the Wonder Woman movie, which is currently in production, and then cut the rest of the movies. This has not been cemented in stone yet, as Henry Cavill is currently in training for the Justice League movie.

Wonder Woman

What does this do for advertising for a movie? It is my belief that this does hell on any advertising campaign. Anyone that is already on the fence about the movie is going to jump to the other side and lose interest in the movie. The politics of the situation are very dangerous to the success of the whole DC Universe.

Now I’m going to break away from writing about the current state and give my expectations for the move.

I have always been a big fan of Superman. I thoroughly enjoyed Superman Returns, I was a fan of Smallville and absolutely loved the original Superman movies. I could re-watch any of those productions any amount of times. Man of Steel I enjoyed but didn’t hold the same appeal to me. It was short on story and too big on massive fight scenes. It just doesn’t hold the same feel to it.

Superman Returns

I hold a lot of hope for B vs S. Maybe I’m just being a fan boy, maybe the trailers make it look much better than it will be, but with this last trailer just released I am very hopeful for a much better movie than Man of Steel.

B v S Featured

We don’t have long to wait now, in fact at time of writing, we only have 39 days left. So take these as the hopeful words of a fan boy, Bring on March 25th!


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