Sherlock – Season 4 Episode 2 (Spoiler-free)

“Go to hell Sherlock”, the last words from episode 1 (post credits). Episode 2 looks to deal with the aftershock from episode 1. In a big change from the last post, about Sherlock, they have changed the focus again. In the previous episode, to me, it felt like a real emphasis was put on Martin Freeman’s Dr. John Watson, however, in this episode the emphasis was very much on Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch knocks the episode out of, not just the park, but all the parks. It can be a slippery to convey madness, and Sherlock has always been a bit mad. How do you portray a character who as he himself describes it, is a “high-functioning sociopath”. Another stellar performance from the cast in general.

Staying true to the series, there is some amazing shots of London. The visuals of how Sherlock interprets information, the one in the middle of the street in particular (I did say no spoilers), is utterly fantastic. The dialogue is fast moving and intelligent and the story is wonderful. A lot of people were unhappy with episode 1. There were a few things that just fit a little too nicely. This episode tackles things a little differently with a bad guy from the start, and quite a well captured villain by Toby Jones. A beautifully written story, with twists and turns throughout, gives a wonderful penultimate episode.

Score –     9.1/10

Bring on Episode 3!

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