We Play: Overwatch (PC)

Last Sunday we played a little Overwatch. It wasn’t pretty  but it was damn fun. We were just experimenting with the GeForce Experience to stream so please forgive the technical difficulties =)

Shane: This was my first time actually playing Overwatch. I had bought the game recently and hadn’t had time to play it yet. So these are very early reactions for me.

Mike: I played since launch but only in limited bursts. The main motivation for me at first was getting the vanity wings for Diablo III hehehe however the game is such nice departure from Call of Duty  and clones.

Game Play:

Shane: The game play felt very easy and fluid. The controls I had within about a minute of the fight starting. I started as a healer, tried damage and then settled on meat shield. The game play for each was easy to pick up.

Mike: Each character has a primary and secondary ability.  Well-aimed hits, heals etc add to a super meter which when full allows you to trigger some super ability which range from raising dead team mates to an AOE explosion. Controls work surprisingly well using either the keyboard or controller.


Shane: I instantly loved the loading lobby. Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing as well. The whole experience made me want to play more. My only real issue with the whole thing was, I just don’t have enough time in my life to play everything! Two thumbs up from me!

Mike: The game is fun- esp. if played with friends who do not take it too seriously. The characters and the roles they play offer enough of a variety for any kind of play style even though the Overwatch community (just like every other FPS community) itself may not. The game itself is constantly evolving and characters are getting balanced with each patch.


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