Review: Konosuba and Masamune-kuns Revenge

In a break from our “Top 5…” series, this week we will look at what is currently running that you might find interesting to watch.


Masamune-kun’s Revenge


I’ll be honest, I very much stumbled upon this show. I had the other anime for this week lined up and wanted to branch in a different direction for the final anime, where it wasn’t one based in a fantasy setting. And so I went onto my Crunch Roll account and looked through my choices. This was what I settled on.

Following the story of Masamune, who our initial impression seems to be a shallow, vain high-school student. However, after being the butt of bullying from his childhood friend, he moves away and loses a lot of weight and is a now the “new kid” that is catching all the attention of the girls in the school. He has one burning objective that is his life goal, to make his childhood friend fall in love with him, then break up with her in the most embarrassing way to destroy her.


From the first few minutes I was fairly confident that humor was going to have to be very important in this if it is to work as a series. In the first few episodes there have been a few genuine laugh out loud moments. The characters are well written and seem to lend a bit more to humorous side of things.

One of the most intriguing aspect to this show so far has been the drive behind the Adagaki Aki, or the girl that brutally turned down Masamune and was the cause of so much bullying that he had to move. The school has named her the ‘Brutal Princess’ and although the boy’s are all in love with her, she humiliates them when one of them ask’s her out. Why does she do this? And, why is she devouring all the food!!


My one caveat I have with this show, and unfortunately it happens too often in Anime, is the bit of fan service that arises. One of the girls falls over and the skirt she’s wearing is no longer covering what it should. All that’s left is her on the ground in her underwear. There is no need for this in a show.

This show is well worth the watch, from what I have seen so far. I will most certainly be continuing with the show and will keep anyone update through our Facebook Page or Twitter account if it suddenly goes down hill at any point!

KONOSUBA – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!


After heroically saving a girl from a horrific car accident, NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) teenager Kazuma Sato’s life comes to a quick end. However passing into the next life he is given a choice of going back to the world with no memories or forging a new life in a world that needs saving. As an avid gamer, Kazuma decides he will save this world and write his own destiny.

First and foremost, the main genre behind this show is most definitely Comedy, not Fantasy. Yes it is a fantasy show, but you will find yourself laughing more than anything else at some of the situations. We are already on Season 2 of the show but the first season only ran for 10 episodes and we are up to Episode 6 of season 2.


The show holds a good tone and is a close cousin to something like Sword Art or Log Horizon, just with a much easier tone and not as gripping a story. Worth the watch as the visuals and humour are enough to keep you coming back. The certain times you find yourself quite literally bursting out laughing, normally in relation to money.

Again, for me, this show’s biggest downfall is the lack of balance. If you are looking for gender equality, find a different show. The characters are strong in this, with each bringing something new to the group. But of the 4 main characters, the male is lead and the other three are female and are often objectified by the storytellers . It is totally unnecessary for the story or the visuals.

Hopefully that gives you some insight into what to watch this weekend. In the future we will try to cover more genre’s but if there is one you are looking for specifically, let us know and we will try and find something for you!
That’s it for this week’s anime post. If you have any anime you think we should check out or want to ask anything about anime’s, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading!


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