Review: Arrival

The answer to the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”, is answered in the fictional drama, Arrivals. After tragedy hits, Louise Banks (Played by the immensely talented Amy Adams) is recruited by the Army for her Linguistic knowledge. Having worked with the Army in the past, Colonel Weber (Played by Forest Whitaker) and heading a group with Ian Donnelly (played by Jeremy Renner). With the spaceships making contact at 12 different locations around the globe, but without anyway of knowing what they are trying to communicate or even if they are friendly or looking to destroy our planet, the group must find a way to interoperate the reason they are here.

Arrival came out in the last quarter of 2016, and although I did want to go and watch the movie, I didn’t get the actual time to do it. Having relatively high hopes for the movie, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down on a 9 hour flight and watch it. I wasn’t actually expecting to like the movie as much as I did. Anything from here on out might contain spoilers so if you are planning on watching the movie, or even if I could convince you to at this very moment, come back and read the rest of this after you have seen it!


Amy Adams plays a strong character, evident from the get go.  She is forceful in her first encounter with Colonel Weber, and continues down that same path throughout the movie. Adams is able to convey a wide range of emotion through the very simplest of things. In how she interacts with the Aliens, in how she interacts with humans, in how she interacts with her child in the flash “backs”. Her supporting cast in Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker give strong performances and really help to push the story.


The whole movie, although probably a bit on the nerdier side of things due to the whole alien thing, is really not a typical alien movie. This is a movie of how we interoperate different societies. It is really tackling the whole issue of humans and their impulsive nature. Is this an accurate representation of what would happen if aliens did land? I wish I could say no, but it is something that I think has a strong possibility of happening. But that is not what this review is about!


The visual representation of the aliens, the art style of the writing, all of it was a branch from what we normally see in movies. Generally speaking, if there are aliens landing on our planet, in a movie from Hollywood, expect big explosions and the humans passing insurmountable odds. This movie does not offer that in the same light. These aliens are not there to hurt us, in fact, quite the opposite.

The twists and turns that happen throughout the movie are wonderful (if some a little predictable). The story telling and cinematography are wonderful. And the cast deliver a knock out performance.


All in all, this movie is a much watch and maybe a lot of take aways from it should be discussed at length.

Rating: 8.5/10

2 thoughts on “Review: Arrival

  1. My wife and I managed to catch Arrival last fall when it was released in theaters, and were amazed at how *good* a movie it was. It wasn’t a typical Hollywood alien blockbuster, but instead a thought-provoking masterpiece of storytelling. I’d HIGHLY recommend it!

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