Get to know, Wednesday – Dantares

Welcome to a new section that we are running where we ask some of our readers questions about themselves! If you are interested in being one of our Guinea Pigs, send us a message and we will hopefully get around to everyone!


Our first sacraficial lamb is an old friend of ours who we both enjoyed playing with immensely. Without further ado, We give you, Dantares.

Explain a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 29 years old graphical designer living in São Paulo, Brazil. Playing video games has been my hobby since I was 3, and thanks to that I developed a lot of interest in the industry as a whole, both in it’s business and development process.

What was the first video game you remember playing?

Out Run on a Mega Drive was the first game I remember playing. Before that I played some games with my dad on his MSX, but I can barely remember those.

What was your most memorable game from your childhood?

Resident Evil would be it. But games like Out Run, Streets of Rage 2, Syndicate Wars, Crusader: No Remorse and Final Fantasy Tactics, to name a few, all had a huge impact on me during that time.

Games can mean different things for different people, when you are playing, what do you look for in a game? (Grahpics, gameplay, lore)

Gameplay, story, visuals and sounds are all tied together in a way one needs the other to unleash it’s full potential. But in my vision gameplay is the base of all, after all that’s what you’ll be doing for the most part of the game.

Where would you like to see gaming going in the next few years?

As a person who enjoys traditional gaming a lot, I kind of want to see the industry taking some steps back, specifically when we talk about budget. We’ve been living a struggle where games are progressively getting more and more expensive to make, and the companies are taking less and less risk on developing interesting new concepts, or even less popular genres or IPs. Not every game needs to be a Destiny to be successful, and we’ve seen examples of medium budget games like NieR Automata, or even Resident Evil 7 (specially when you compare it to RE6) achieving critical and commercial success. With that in mind, I would love to see the industry scaling a bit back and trying to balance high budget blockbusters with lower budget and more “auteuristic” games.

Has there ever been a game you played that you thought “I would love to take the steering wheel for this game!”

Snatcher, specially since I played it almost 2 decades after it’s release. For a 89 game it does a lot with the limitations of both hardware and genre, but I could see it being a much deeper and rich game nowadays.

If you designed a game for yourself, what would that game look like?

Continuing what I said above in the last question, if I had the chance I’d definitely do it as a sandbox action-investigation game, giving the player some freedom to solve cases, explore Neo Kobe, and unveil the mysteries of the story and all, mixed with some dynamic action concepts.

What is your most anticipated game of 2017 or beyond?

When looking at 2017 as a whole, Horizon Zero Dawn, but among the unreleased games, I’d say Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Beyond 2017 would be Death Stranding.


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions. We hope you enjoyed the experience and we would love to you have back at some point in the future!



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