Noteworthy in May


As we close in on the mid year, lets take a look at some upcoming releases. May is definitely going to be another big month for entertainment so we have gathered our top 10 noteworthy releases in May 2017!

May marks the start of the summer movie blockbuster season so lets kick things off with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as it hits the the big screen with even bigger expectations. The first movie was such a hit that they only way they could possibly top it is by adding even more awesome galaxy saving antics as the heroes by circumstance fight off… wait.. not gonna spoil it…. but i’ll tell you this.. remember Star Lord’s dad being mentioned before? Well, we finally meet him and he is played by none other than Kurt Russel. Oh yeah, and Sly Stallone is in it too!

Alien Covenant, Another returning franchise is fresh after the events of Prometheus. They really went all out in making sure that there is no doubt that this IS an alien movie. Expect almost everyone to die. I mean, seriously, which alien movie had a ton of people survive at the end?

On the smaller screens, political blockbuster House of Cards comes back after a long hiatus. Last we saw the Underwood family, they discovered a new resolve as they decide to be running mates in the upcoming election and we expect to see more parallels to the current political climate.

In gaming, the much anticipated Bethesda games space thriller Prey comes out. You play Morgan Yu a research scientist who finds himself trying to escape an alien infested space station. The station itself is, much like a lot of Bethesda games, an open world time sink. Expect hours of creative play and decision based story branching.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew also hits the major VR platforms this month and promises to bring your final frontier fantasies to life as you play either captain, tactical, helm or engineer on the bridge of the USS Aegis. Exploration and space combat await. Engage!

Also on VR is Farpoint which is being touted as a flagship PSVR title. You are on a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, the said anomaly blasts you to an alien world where you have to fight said aliens to find a way back home. The kicker is, co-op VR. Yup, you and a buddy somewhere not in your play area can join in on the psvr fun as you try to frag some aliens.

Some fighting games are also making a come back. Injustice 2, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 and yup even the old school classic Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challenge will try to get a hold of your gaming bucks!

If racing is more your forte’, look no further than the upcoming Hotwheels DLC for the spectacular racer Forza 3. Although you will need the full game to take advantage of the game, the DLC might be the reason you have been waiting for to pick it up!

And there you have it! May is surely filled with lots of things to keep you busy! But just wait till June!!


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