Get To Know Wednesday: Howard

Hello Gamers!

For our second installment of Get To Know Wednesday I’d like to introduce an old friend. I first met Howard over a few games of the Star Trek CCG during my university years but consider him to be a close friend with our shared passion for philosophy, Neil Gaiman books and BNL. He is one of the coolest mobile game devs I know and co-runs the game studio MochiBits.

Explain a little bit about yourself.

I’m half geek and half nerd, I’m a husband and a father, I work as a game developer, and I enjoy gaining knowledge in the fields of the social sciences, philosophy, and theology.

What was the first video game you remember playing?

Pong. And I sucked at it.

What was your most memorable game from your childhood?

Galaxian. And I would repeatedly own the high score ranks back then.

Games can mean different things for different people, when you are playing, what do you look for in a game? (Grahpics, gameplay, lore)

Lore. It’s what remains memorable for me.

Where would you like to see gaming going in the next few years?

At the risk of robots taking over the world, I would like to see gaming become more procedurally generated by an AI that adapts to the science and technology or magic and spells or relationships and conversations done/discovered/created by the players. With a well-developed physics/lore/culture, variety and spontaneity should become more and more possible.

Has there ever been a game you played that you thought “I would love to take the steering wheel for this game!”

Final Fantasy VII. I loved that game. The lore there is amazing and could probably be explored a lot further. After breeding all those Chocobos, I would have liked to see more things I could discover and learn and do. Maybe the 9,999 damage came too early and it became pointless to do anything else, but I felt it ended too soon.

If you designed a game for yourself, what would that game look like?

Sword Art Online. Dreaming big here.

What is your most anticipated game of 2017 or beyond?

I would like to see the next Monster Hunter. They know how to improve a great game with each iteration and I’m confident the next one will be awesome.

Thanks a ton for sharing Howard!
Please check out MochiBits and their host of really addictive and fun games here!

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