We Review: Alien – Covenant

As a long time fan of the series, and a big fan of a Prometheus, needless to say I had high hopes for Covenant. We remained with Ridley Scott for his third entry into a fantastic series he created all the way back in 1979. Originally a Sci-Fi horror, each Alien movie that has been released has brought something different to the table. With the original sequel to Scott’s Alien movie, we saw James Cameron bringing a more action type movie to the big screen. Then let’s kinda forget that the rest of the other movies happened until Prometheus.

Prometheus saw the rise of the Alien franchise again. Some truly stellar performances from both Noomi Repace and Michael Fassbender, brought the series back into focus, even though it obviously wasn’t an Alien movie! So that brings us around to Alien: Covenant. Which I will say had some really strange casting. Have a look at the trailer below.



The appearance of Danny McBride and James Franco seemed like an odd mixture. But I will say one thing, it works. One played the part really well, the other, he was on fire! Just incredible!

Another stand out performance from Fassbender really brought some depth to the new android, Walter. Billy Crudup was exactly who was needed in the show and a very strong performance from Katherine Waterston had the whole movie set up for success.

However, half way through the movie I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “Man I wish they hadn’t cancelled the Neill Blomkamp’s take on Alien.” which is never a good sign when you are in cinema. I left the movie totally underwhelmed. It was the least like an Alien film I had seen, including the not Alien film of Prometheus. It lacked in so many area’s that the only word I could use to describe it was “Meh”. I jumped at one part in the whole movie, although I’m fairly confident that it wasn’t meant to be a jump scene. The plot was predictable and often a little boring. The plot holes were frequent and gaping. Although the cast did a really good job in each of their roles but it wasn’t enough to detract from the overall experience. (At one stage I genuinely wouldn’t have been surprised if a Predator had jumped it…..it might have made it better!)


Maybe I was hoping for too much, maybe I have changed in what I like from a movie, but the general consensus from the others I went with was that it was poor. I do hope to see more Alien films in the future but I would be recommending a wait to DVD, or even better Netflix, for this iteration.


Have you seen it already? What did you make of the movie? Are you a fan of the franchise in general or would you prefer to watch anything but killer Aliens kill people who say the line “I’m just gonna go clean up, I’ll be right back!” RIP most characters in Covenant!



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