Noteworthy in June

June seems to come around quickly, by the time we hit April, June just rushes through the other months.

This June seems to be one that has a lot to look forward to on the entertainment side of things.
Wonder Woman Lassos her way onto the screen early in the month on June 2nd. Not only the early early reviews look positive for this DC undertaking but the actual reviews on Rotten Tomato’s currently has it at 93% Fresh. Considering BvS is sitting at 28%, it is OK to be excited to see a movie that isn’t getting panned by reviews.

One if the years biggest gaming events takes place in June as E3 takes over San Diego. Some years are relatively boring but I have a sneaky suspesion that this year might just have one or two shocks up its sleeve. Could there possibly be hints at a new iteration of the PS5 to push it past the Scorpio? Possibly not, but it could also happen. Might there be an announcement about ff7 remake it even ffXVI? Only time will tell.

Coming later in the month, fill release on June 20th, early access on June 16th, is the “second” expansion to FFXIV, Stormblood. Pitting us back against the empire can we retake that which was conquered years ago! New jobs, new areas, a revamped battle system, no more “PS3 limitations”, this is winding up to look like a very promising release.

Also being released this month is the third installment in the fantastic animated Resident Evil series. Following the success of the two earlier entries, Degeneration and Damnation, this next feature, Vendetta is looking to be a darker, more thrilling outlook for the series.

Also to be excited for in June is the release of Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3. Both are sure to bring in big numbers and also be reliably entertaining. It looks like a big summer for blockbusters and that isn’t even mentioning what is coming around next month, webslinging onto our screens.
We will be sure to cover all of these things, and more, over the coming weeks. I, personally, will have much more time than the last few weeks to be keeping you more up to date and hope to bring newer and better content to the site as we move into the summer.

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