We Review: Anime – WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?

First off, what the hell were they thinking with this name! Typical high fantasy show!


So yes, this show falls into the genre of high fantasy. The introduction to the show is fast paced and confusing, but only because you don’t know who is who and why they are fighting. It is clear that there is a military presence that are being fought but are they the good guys or bad?


The voice over is one that sets up a romantic background instantly, just before a woman jumps off an airship! Mildly confusing!


The world we are in, is one of different species of characters.  Where humans are weird and exceptionally rare. We follow the story of Willem, a human outcast who is just going through life, earning just enough to survive on. When his friend and treasure hunter, says he has a job for the military. A warehouse full of dangerous weapons needs looking after.  Reluctantly he takes the job.


One airship ride later, and he appears on a island with a lovely housing compound on it. The complex is filled with kids and an old troll (not your horrible green type monster, but woman, see the red head below!). It turns out the warehouse is actually the compound and they are all the weapons.worldend-what-do-you-do-at-the-end-of-the-world-are-you-busy-will-you-save-us-episode-1-english-dubbed

This is a show that gives you some potentially crucial information after the credits. So stick around for that (or just skip ahead!)


The episode started off very strong, but seemed to slow too much by the middle. One of my big worries is that the first two minutes won’t be revisited for about 10 episodes and that I will have already lost interest in the show and moved onto something else by then. It seems to have a bit of a feel of Re:Zero about it, well a lot less macabre. You can also draw lines between it and Granblue Fantasy, with that sense of grand adventure. It certainly had enough in the first episode to bring me back for another 2 episodes at least, but whether I stay for longer, I can’t say right now!



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