Noteworthy in July

With June already behind us, we have some pretty big releases coming for July. After another comic book movie from DC, it is Marvel’s turn next with the release of Spiderman: Homecoming. Following on from the events of Captain America: Civil War, we are back with Tom Holland as the quick witted Peter Parker. Marvel have decided to go a different direction with this and not give us the normal “introduction” to Peter Parker and just assume everyone knows his backstory. Can Marvel beat Wonder Woman for the best release of the summer?

War for the Planet of the Apes

We see the release of the next branch in the story which began with the ape loving doctor James Franco. This turn, we see a member of Cheers take on the apes trying to save humanity. Good old Woody Harrleson has come a long way from his Cheers days but he is always entertaining to watch. This series has been wonderful so far, can it keep up the high standards? The visuals should definitely be something to watch!

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac

The remastered version of FFXII is set to release in just a few weeks. With a plethora of new features, including a job system that was not seen outside of Japan, this game should be on RPG fans radars. A game that many thought was ahead of its time when it released originally, will this remastered version get some more love?

Children of the Zodiarcs

An interesting looking card based RPG with a artsy style to it. This game was developed by Cardboard Utopia in conjuction with Square Enix Collective, hopes to bring an epic tale to life in a slightly different way to your normal RPG. Going back to a more turn based method of fighting and playing the right card at the right time! Certainly one to look out for if you are looking for an offline story.

Splatoon (Switch)

Bringing back the second entry into the much loved paint gun shooter thing! Yes it is a little difficult to explain, think of COD if it was for kids and instead of bullets used a paint gun! Sure to be a hell of an amount fun. Something to whip out at a party and piss off your friends!!

Dragon Quest 11

Yes, the 11th game in the named series. It just seems like Square Enix are sure to keep pushing out games in these series. I say that like I’m annoyed but really I am a sucker for these series.

Zelda DLC 1 (switch)

The first DLC for Breath of the Wild comes out with a lot of anticipation for those fans itching to get more of the world they loved but is sure to keep them wanting more.


And of course we have… the latest expansion/add-on to Diablo 3… the Necromancer.  Suffice it to say, Mike has been racking up those paragon points and tweaking and rebuilding his character to its full corpse-plosive potential!

So not only are we obsessed with games and cool movies, we are also on the look out for cool tech. Check out these new gadgets that will help you bring out your inner rock star!

Roland GT-1B
When Roland released the GT-1 guitar pedal board as a more affordable alternative to their flagship GT-100, musicians and hobbyists on a budget (like Mike!) were blown away by the host of sounds, the ability to download, edit and create your own patches and connect your guitar to your DAW with barely any effort. The GT-1B is the bass version and packs just as much punch and then some. Just check out the video below:

Zoom AC-2
If you are sick of having your guitar tone go to trash when trying to amplify or record your playing? The Zoom AC-2 comes to the rescue. It masterfully recreates the tone of your acoustic instrument using some grade A pre-amps and EQs. Having tried the boss acoustic simulator, the TC Helicon VoiceLive Play and a few other digital tools to make the guitar sound natural in recordings, the Zoom AC-2 is the best Mike has heard. The presets available can cater to almost any type of stringed instrument be it a 6-string small guitar,  12-string or even an upright bass.



That marks it for July!  We hope some of these are worth your time and if you have any suggestions or comments please let us know below!



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