We Review: Knights and Magic

The main character of this anime is a programmer who just so happens to be a hardcore otaku. He dies in a freak accident- and is reincarnated into a world of .. you guessed it… Knights and Magic. In this new world he is a young boy with dreams of becoming a pilot of a Silhouette Knight (knight-driven Mech). With his genius programming skills as well as his crazy obsession with gunpla (plastic models) he embarks on a journey to create the mech of his dreams.

Knights and Magic (ナイツ&マジック ) is based on the light novel series by Amazake No Hisago.  Don’t expect the story line to contain the usual grit and drama of a lot of the anime out today. The light novel adaptation is focused more on mech design and the mech build process which is actually quite refreshing. It certainly is anime aimed at a younger audience and the lack of over-sexualization of the characters is definitely a welcome change.

The pacing of the anime is something worth noting as the story jumps months and years at a time all the while being narrated by some voice of god storyteller. The challenges that our lead character face and just as extraordinary as the circumstances that brought him to the new world and the battles he fights through leave you cheering on for more.

The series has been quite enjoyable so far and I am hoping that they continue showing the rest of the story arcs from the novels.

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