We Review: The Expanse

Space, the all too popular destination of the moment. The Expanse is into its second season on Netflix. After watching the first two episodes I got distracted. I didn’t not like the first few episodes, in fact I rather enjoyed them. However, here I sit on a lazy Saturday morning, binge watching Season 1.

The Expanse

The Expanse follows the story of The Belters, people who don’t live on a planet, but somewhere in the asteroid belt. Earth is over populated and Mars is inhabited. Tensions run high between the two. A war is brewing. After a ship explodes, it looks like Mars has committed the first act of war. The Belters are close to rioting as they feel like both Mars and Earth live an easier life while they suffer with low oxygen and little water.


The story is complicated, but solid writing and good acting allows for some good watching and even though it might not be the highest of budgets, but the visuals are great although there is an obvious green screen every now and then. The cast is a mix of B listers and unknowns with maybe the exception of Thomas Jane. You will probably recognise a few faces from other shows, but each one will add something to the show.


If you are looking for a good Sci-Fi show to watch, try to find this one. It is a good watch, and each of the stories is good to follow with the poorest one, in my opinion, being the one of the UN official.

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