2018 – What Games will be played?

2018 seems like a strong year for games again. It will be interesting to see what comes after controversies such as the EA loot box controversy. But even without EA, it is an exciting year. Here is a look at SOME of the games that are well on our radar!

Dragon Ball Fighters

Announced only last June, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2D fighter game along the basis of Marvel vs Capcom. Even before launch the game already has a cult following with the most intense DBZ fighting action ever.  With true-to-anime visuals and spot on controls expect this game to hit the competitive gaming circuit soon!

Monster Hunter World

One of the more anticipated games of the year, and one that has been eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise Monster Hunter World is going to be large scale in almost every sense of the term. Big world, big monsters, big weapons and big costumes, this could be a time sink! No this will be a time sink!


Anthem shocked us when it was debuted at E3 last year. Again, a big open world with lots to do. The team work and camaraderie that could be incredible in this game……..However, we have been burnt before (looking at you Destiny 2!!). On second play through, it was the exact same feeling that I got when I watched any of the trailers for The Division. Hopefully this can be a game that can hold up to that expectation. (Probably not though, it is from EA….maybe they can get one right)

Detroit: Become Human

And queue the controversy. Quantic Games are known for their extraordinarily immersive, story driven games. Recently enough, the game has come under scrutiny when it released a trailer where a young girl is subject of domestic abuse. The game is set in the future where Humanoid Robots serve us but begin to question where the boundaries should lie. Choice is the name of this game. Well no, Detroit: Become Human is the actual name of the game.

Days Gone

Think, The Last of Us mixed with a zombie apocalypse from World War Z. It wasn’t until June 2017 that we got our first look at the non-zombie part of the game. Wildlife, traps and bandits, this game seems to be incorporating more than just a simple zombie game. How much will it incorporate in it’s final iteration, only time will tell, but never the less, it remains high on our anticipation lists!

Last of us 2

OK, hype train, ALL ABOARD! First off, damn those graphics! To be specific about what moment blew my mind, around the 50 second mark, where the character is on the ground and she moves her head forward. The interaction of her nose with the ground is just bonkers! I’ll only keep this to two points. For the second and last point, this game is going to tug at the heart strings and be a best seller for the Playstation this year!


In Development Still

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the game that keeps on giving, but never quite delivering. Since it started it’s development in 2012 it has grown in size and money raised. At time of writing it has raised $176,045,726 and less then 40000 people to go before 2 million have pledged money to the game. The game has recently brought its  Persistent Universe online. With a few planets, moons or asteroids to explore. It gives us a glimpse into what this game could hold. It could be amazing, but with no release date still on the horizon, is the game overly ambitious?

Final Fantasy 7: Remake

There hasn’t been a lot of information of late on the state of Final Fantasy VII HD. But that doesn’t make us want the game any less. It could be a 2020 game, the first part anyway, but I will look forward to it until the day it comes out. And here is the trailer for good measure!

Ni Nu Kuni (*)

This game was meant to be released in 2017 but has meet with delay after delay. Is the sequel to the widely popular 2010 game in trouble? The current date is set for March 23rd but it could be delayed again. Until it is released, I’m not assuming anything!

Ashes of Creation

Probably even more ambitious than Star Citizen, Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG that comes from Intrepid Games. This will be Intrepid Games first game, and working with a small enough group for a project this size, the plans for the game around bold and invigorating for the MMO genre. If Ashes of Creation can pull it off, it could be one of the best MMOs released to date! After just starting its first Alpha, things are moving along, but we have long way to go yet though!


What do you think? Some of the greatest games are the ones you don’t know that are coming, but those are rare and few between! Any games you are really looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below. Happy gaming!


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