We Preview: DragonBall FighterZ

Last weekend we had the opportunity to finally try out the much anticipated tag-team fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Without any online tutorial or moves reference, and the fact that we got in close to a day late meant that yup.. faces got smashed– and it wasn’t the other guy.

Be that as it may, It was a fun experience to see the world of DBZ with such fluid and almost anime perfect visuals. Coming from more standard (read: Capcom) fighters, it took more than a while to get used to the control scheme. Was there a dedicated block button like Mortal Kombat? Were there separate punch or kick moves? Nope and Nope- and the clip above clearly shows how much of an arse-kicking we got =)

It didn’t feel like a button masher, but it also didn’t feel as precise as some of the other fighting games we’ve played and the roster of characters and their custom / signature moves were varied enough to make you want to play.

The only thing that was clunky was the game lobby itself. Games took quite a bit to get started and there were more than a few false starts in some matches. These glitches could be because it is still in beta and these are things that needed to be tested in a closer-to-launch environment.

The launch is Jan 26, and we will be sure to practice our kamehamehaaaaaa-ing till we get decent enough to meet you on the battlefield!

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