We Review: Pacific Rim Uprising

I usually enjoy a b-movie or two to break the monotony of the usual hoity-toity™ arthouse film.  I kid… I really do not care much about arthouse movies… because they usually take themselves too seriously for my tastes. B-movies, on the other hand are the quick snacks in between mega-expensive blockbuster hits that seem to be so much more common nowadays.

Pacific Rim is a hybrid b-movie/hollywood-blockbuster-wannabe – albeit I consider it to be more of a b-movie with a blockbuster budget- like the way I see the latest theatrical Transformers movies only campier.

The plot is simple. You have big robots. You have big monsters. You have a megalomaniac who is hell-bent on destroying the world. Put them all together and you have the absolute mess that is Pacific Rim Uprising.

I do give the movie credit for making these robots look cool. The fight scenes were fun to watch- in the same way that watching the sentai-type robots (power ranger type robots) of the 70’s were fun to watch- but with way better graphics. The way these robots worked reminded me of  Daimos – but with 2 pilots instead of one… and because this IS a sequel to Pacific Rim they needed to upgrade the robots. The obvious choice of which would be jet packs. yup. Jet Packs. And yes, they kinda made them cooler.

I can’t say the same of the cast. Finn Boyega (I know his name is John) of the new Star Wars trilogy- just felt like he was playing Finn in a giant robot. The supporting cast were just as boring and forgettable – especially that dude.. what’s his name…SEE! you can’t remember him at all…

Overall the movie was a pretty looking B-movie. I was not surprised that the acting was bad, nor was I surprised that some parts were fun to watch because big robots are generally enjoyable to watch. I was surprised that it did not suck as bad as I expected it to- and that i managed to sit through most of the movie.




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