Diablo 3: Is this really still a thing?

Diablo 3 was my first venture into the Diablo series. A game that is really all about numbers and can be seen as quite repetitive. So why do I still log into play it after nearly 6 years after its initial release!

The game hasn’t changed all that much, with only 1 expansion and an add-on which have also added 2 new jobs (Crusader and Necromancer) but a plethora of quality of life updates to the game. It is very simple in design, you walk around different maps, kill mobs that drop loot that allows you to increase the difficulty for the maps, which drops even higher gear!

Season 14 has recently started in the game and this is part of the reason that I still play to this day. Whenever a season starts, to partake in the season, you must create a new seasonal character. This is a character that has none of the benefits that you may have gained with your main character. You level this character up and have a number of tasks to complete to unlock different rewards such as specific gear, cosmetic things like portraits or pets and inventory slots for your main characters.

Diablo III Screenshot 2018.07.05 -

This may seem like a strange thing to go back and play, and I actually haven’t done even half of the seasons, but there is something nice about being able to log into a game once a year or so to take part in the mass destruction and murdering of hells demons.

With rumours of Diablo 4 in the production line, it might be something to try out if you are looking for a bit more of a progression game than the likes of Overwatch or Fortnite. One of the big advantages I find with the game is that you can log in and do something for 10-15 minutes or however long you want, it is very socially friendly in that way/casual if you would prefer!

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