We look back : A new series about old series

Recently I have started watching some older series that have left our screens a while. So I thought, it might be nice to look back at some shows that had an impact on us. We obviously have a good scope to cover here but, as always, would love your input. So if there is a show you loved and haven’t seen in a while, let us know and we will have a look at it.

Up first is a show that was always a bit low budget, and one that got a surprising second season. It was one of the first experiences I had of fans pushing a network to giving a show a second season. To put it in pun terms, it was ‘Nuts’. Welcome to …



In the small town of Jericho life is running it’s normal course. Jake returns to the town to visit his grandfathers grave after he missed his passing. What Jake has been up to since leaving the town 5 years ago is a mystery. In the first 10 minutes he claims to have been: In the army, navy, playing minor league baseball and a slew of other things. Needless to say, Jake is an enigma. But when his father(the mayor) continues to show his disappointment in him, Jake leaves without the money. But on his way out of town, a mushroom cloud is on the horizon in the direction of Denver.


Another of the townspeople, Dale, has a recorded message from his mother where it is clear she has been caught in the explosion. But she wasn’t in Denver, she was in Atlanta. So it is clear that it is an attack on the whole country.

What follows is an episodic look at what a town might go through following this kind of attack. Of course it is a dramatization of certain circumstances, but on a whole,  a good look at how law, electricity and the everyday running of things could work in the collapse of your national government.



The acting is not what I would call top drawer acting, but it does hold itself up. The budget was never massive in this show either so don’t be expecting massive production values. But it is a show with a lot of heart and really did capture my attention for its short season and a half run time.



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