We Review: Lord of Vermillion The Crimson King

As described by Crunchy Roll;

Tokyo, 2030. A high-frequency resonance is suddenly heard in a suburban area, and at the same time, the entire town is shrouded in a red mist. All living things that hear the sounds, human and animal alike, lose consciousness. The phenomenon is assumed to be an unidentified virus, so due to fear of a spreading epidemic, Tokyo is blocked off from the rest of the country. About six months later, all the people who had lost consciousness awaken as if nothing ever happened. However, strange incidents start happening on that same day, and the city becomes engulfed by a chain of cruel destinies.

This is my first soirée into the world of Lord of Vermillion, originally an arcade card based game, this is the first expansion into the anime market.

It is tough to say a lot about this so far, a lot happens, but none of it really makes all that much sense. There are characters and maybe villains? Are the people clicking their fingers at the end of the episode bad guys? Are they the good guys? Is the main character so far actually the bad guy?


The only thing I really learn’t from this episode was that there is a good relationship between the two, potential, main characters with the younger one, Kotetsu seeming to idolise Chihiro. Is this setting up for those two to do battle down the line over something..maybe.

OK on a whole, this episode really didn’t do a lot to engage me, but it did leave me with a lot of questions, mainly, what the hell is going on!? Am I committing to the full season of this? HELL NO! But I am intrigued enough to watch the next episode, in fact I do look forward to it!

But if it can’t actually start getting to a point and answer some questions, it might be the last episode I watch of this!

What do you make of the episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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