Street Fighter V

I first heard about it in 2011 when Seth Killian, who was then a Capcom guy talk about the “next” Street Fighter just as SF IV was hitting the home consoles. Last year the teaser trailer for it came out and shortly after I saw the game in action in Cologne at Gamescom.

The latest version comes with a mix of old and new characters with the glaring omission of the OP Sagat. New play mechanics are also thrown in that will certainly change the way most players approach combos and counters.

The game will come out on the PS4 exclusively this Feb. 16 (for a few months) and the eventual port to other systems will come. Here is a quick glance at the line up.

Initial Characters

Character Japanese voice actor English voice actor Origin
Birdie Ryuzaburo Otomo TJ Storm Street Fighter
Cammy White Miyuki Sawashiro Caitlin Glass Super Street Fighter II
Charlie Nash Ryoichi Tanaka Jack Calabrisi Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams
Chun-Li Fumiko Orikasa Laura Bailey Street Fighter II
Dhalsim Daisuke Egawa Christopher Bevins Street Fighter II
F.A.N.G Tsuyoshi Koyama TBA First appearance
Karin Kanzuki Aya Endo Lauren Landa Sakura Ganbaru!
Ken Masters Yuji Kishi Reuben Langdon Street Fighter
Laura Matsuda Megumi Toyoguchi Tara Platt First appearance
M. Bison Norio Wakamoto Gerald C. Rivers Street Fighter II
Necalli Hiroshi Tsuchida D.C. Douglas First appearance
R. Mika Hiromi Igarashi Bonnie Gordon Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rashid Eiji Miyashita Ian Sinclair First appearance
Ryu Hiroki Takahashi Kyle Hebert Street Fighter
Vega Junichi Suwabe Doug Erholtz Street Fighter II
Zangief Kenta Miyake Peter Beckman Street Fighter II

Downloadable Characters

First Wave DLC

Character Origin
Alex Street Fighter III: New Generation
Balrog Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Guile Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
Ibuki Street Fighter III: New Generation
Juri Super Street Fighter IV
Urien Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

I’ve always been a fan of the series and have followed every iteration (yes, even the early 3D versions!) so like many other fighting game fans, anticipation is high for SFV. Will I make it up the ranks or just remain a scrub in the arena? Only time will tell- but one thing is certain- I bet I can wipe the floor with Shane and Monkey.

Are you ready for the next challenger?

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