Twin Star Exorcists

People live in fear. The possibility of being snatched by a Kegare is all too real for the inhabitants of Kyoto. Rokuro Enmado , with his striking red eyes, is living his life in Exorcist School but running away from actually training after an incident almost a year previous left him the only survivor of a devastating battle with the Kegare.

On this fated day, he runs from the school, only to be nearly crushed by a girl falling from the sky! Adashino Benio had been fighting the Kegare and was brought back to our will in mid decent from the sky. The Kegare reside on another plane than the one we see. Only through a Magano gate can they be reached. However, they can pull people through. Just an incident happens, two children are pulled through and Adashino Benio reacts instinctively, opening a gate and stepping through. Rokuro, not so eager, ends up in the place of his recent nightmares. Frozen with fear, he has to confront a reality he had tried to leave behind.


Destined to be together, Adashino and Rokuro first meeting is electric, with both of them feeling a little awestruck.


The first episode of this show worked really well. From the art styles of introducing characters, to the actual fight scenes themselves. The lore behind the show seems very solid with a interesting mixture of different influences from what I can see.  It has a little bit of a feel of Fairy Tale to it from what I can tell. Not in the humour, but in the key magic that is used in that. In this show the travelling to the Kegare is done with cards that are activated by certain phrases. A prayer, if you like, to the gods. The Kegare range in size, shape, speed. etc. so each one can vary in how one is defeated. The Exorcists employ a type of enchantment through the cards to strengthen themselves against the Kegare, but they also have certain abilities to call on from the cards as well.  The show has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


TL;DR – Definitely worth checking out the first episode of this. Very enjoyable supernatural, action with a good balance of humour.

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