Top 5 Zombie Anime

Zombies have become a major theme in almost every form of entertainment these past few years. The zombie genre itself has evolved over the years as well since the world was exposed to Night of the Living Dead. Resident Evil pioneered the survival horror genre, 28 Days later introduced us to fast moving swarm zombies […]

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Twin Star Exorcists

People live in fear. The possibility of being snatched by a Kegare is all too real for the inhabitants of Kyoto. Rokuro Enmado , with his striking red eyes, is living his life in Exorcist School but running away from actually training after an incident almost a year previous left him the only survivor of […]

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Top 5 Super Robot Mecha Anime

As a child of the 80’s, it is almost part of my DNA to want to pilot a spaceship or giant robot and save (or maybe destroy! bwa hahahah) the universe.  I grew up watching what is classified as Mecha anime- and to more hardcore fans the sub-categories Super Robot and Real Robot. The best […]

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Top 5 Fantasy Anime (Medieval)

I used to play Dungeons & Dragons a lot- and it goes without saying that being an anime fan means I have a fondness for fantasy anime.  I love the idea of chivalry in the face of insurmountable odds, hope in the face of complete annihilation, of underdogs saving the day! Salt and pepper that with […]

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