Review: Arrival

The answer to the question, “Are we alone in the universe?”, is answered in the fictional drama, Arrivals. After tragedy hits, Louise Banks (Played by the immensely talented Amy Adams) is recruited by the Army for her Linguistic knowledge. Having worked with the Army in the past, Colonel Weber (Played by Forest Whitaker) and heading […]

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Twin Star Exorcists

People live in fear. The possibility of being snatched by a Kegare is all too real for the inhabitants of Kyoto. Rokuro Enmado , with his striking red eyes, is living his life in Exorcist School but running away from actually training after an incident almost a year previous left him the only survivor of […]

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Santa Clarita Diet

It is said that, Drew Barrymore will only pick a role where the character really jumps off of the page. This show doesn’t fail in that aspect, in any way. The first thing to really mention about this show is that the characters are absolutely wonderful. With a cast of: Drew Barrymore; Timothy Olyphant; Skyler Gisondo; and Liv […]

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